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Life is full of dreams
And personal aspirations.
Let us enjoy every ray of sunlight at every moment.
There is always value in life;
Even a decaying tree provides shade.
And a wilting flower
Still sends forth fragrance.
Life is an experience.
Let us take on all the challenges in life,
With hearts full of happiness and gratitude.
My dear friends,
We are trying
To see light in darkness,
To hear sounds and rhythms in silence,


To pursue perfection with disabilities.
We are purified and strive to be elevated
In an uncertain yet beautiful world.
Today through special performances,
We will tell you the stories of yesterday,
The life of today,
And the colorful dreams of tomorrow.
Every dance you see
Is the pulse of our hearts.
Every piece of music you hear
Is the song flowing in our veins.
Please join us and enjoy
My Dream.


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