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 Dance Butterfly Lovers (Chinese Romeo and Juliet)
By Tai Lihua and Zhao Ligang (hearing impaired)
Butterflies in dream by 20 hearing impaired dancers


They are deep in love,
Even death cannot separate them.
Their eternal love
Is witnessed by the mountains and rivers.
Two butterflies dance side by side,
For friendship, love, and beauty.
The dream of a lifetime
Touches heaven and earth.

The condensed dance drama Butterfly Lovers directed by Tai Lihua with hearing impairments and performed by hearing impaired performers is their ideal Romeo and Juliet. Different from romantic tragedy with a departure ending, Butterfly Lovers breaks the tradition. With a romantic expressive method, it interprets a story of two youths who love each other but are not able to get married and at last reunite in heaven as two gorgeous butterflies. 

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