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She lost her hearing when

she was 1 year old.

At the age of 7.
She was the Special Image Ambassador of the 52nd Miss Universe.



My Daughter

                                                                                -- Zhao Lin, Jiang Xintian’s mother
My daughter was born in the summer morning of 1984. The whole family was lapped in the happiness of the coming of the new baby. Unfortunately, an anti-thrombotic needle deprived the baby’s hearing when she was only 3 months old. All of a sudden, the happy family were caught in great grief…
I tried every hospital, but nobody could do anything to help. Frantic with grief, I lost my senses and wanted to end our lives in the sea…A sea wave roused my sleeping daughter and her cry waked me up: I have the responsibility to give birth to her, but I have no right to deprive her life. I swore to myself: whatever the sorrow and hardship might be, I will give her a happy life!
I tried to train my daughter to practice vocalization. I put her hand on my throat and let her feel the vibration of the vocal cords. We started practicing from letters and repeated vocalizing the sounds time and time again. My love moved the Heaven. For the first time, my daughter uttered the sound “Mum” at her age of three. Though the sound was not clear, it was the most beautiful sound in the world. I was excited and found a tape recorder to record my daughter’s voice. I couldn’t fall asleep and listened to the tape time and again. There was no enough of this.

I remembered one day when my daughter was only nine. She was humiliated by a couple of boys and started slapping her ears when she got home. I hold her to my arms, tore a paper into pieces and cut them into snowflakes. When seeing the snowflakes, she jumped with happiness and tears in the eyes: “Mum! Snow! Beau—eau—tiful.” I told her: you are the pieces of paper, but one day, you will become snowflakes and everybody will like you. When my daughter was 12, I gave her the Helen Keller’s autobiography “The Story of My Life”. She loved this book and wrote in her diary that: I will face my life as Helen did.

In March, 2003, my daughter won the title of “Chinese Top Ten”, “Best News Focal” and “Special Honor” in the 52nd Miss Universe China Contest. The representative from the headquarter of Miss Universe Contest praised my daughter: “She won the honor with her confidence, beauty and optimism. She was never seen in the 52 years’ history of Miss Universe Contest.” The headquarter of Miss Universe Contest gave my daughter the title of “Special Image Ambassador of the 52nd Miss Universe”.

In 2004, my daughter joined China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe and became a sign language host. She also entered the Beijing Union University. What made me feel proud is that my daughter sent invitation to the world “Thank you Athens, Welcome to Beijing” in sign language at the closing ceremony of the Athens Paralympics. In 2003, she also won the title “Figure of Chinese Women” and “2005 Annual Figure of Chinese College Students”.

I am proud of the success of my daughter with disabilities!


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