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Internal Construction of Troupe
There are 88 performers in CDPPAT, which includes 67 performers with hearing impairments, 16 performers with visually impairments, and 5 performers with physical disabilities. The average age of performers is 19. They come from 26 provinces and their nationality is Han, Tibetan, Uigur, Yao, Hui and Tujia etc. among the performers.
l      Organization   There are 3 teams in CDPPAT. Both Team A and B can finish the whole show of My Dream. Team C is composed by the new performers being trained. Besides, some performers give performances as required by the Troupe according to contracts.
l      Artistic Learning    CDPPAT invites the well-known artistes to teach and direct performers.
l      Cultural Learning    The artists continue their studies as they work out with the troupe. CDPPAT associated with University for Science & Technology Beijing to give the education opportunity for the performers. After entrance exams, 42 performers have entered into college. By the way of learning in the college and the troupe, correspondence education and teaching by long-distance direction, they will be the first group of students with disabilities graduating from this university.
l      Dormitory life   All the performers live in dorms provided by the Troupe. There are teachers who live and perform with them. They look after the performers within 24 hours, even help to solve their private problems.
l      Self-management   Performers divide themselves into several parts; select their own leaders responsible for their own study, performance, and daily life. CDPPAT has made regulations to measure the achievement and virtue of performers, and a series of regulations about study, rehearsal, dress and performing tool management, and sanitation.
l      Care for each other   When the performers go out, they wear the same uniforms, and take the same suitcases. The performers hearing impaired look after the ones visually impaired and physically disabled. They conclude the relations between them: “I am your eyes, and you are my ears; I am your mouth, and you are my legs.”
l      Insurance   CDPPAT has bought endowment insurance, hospitalization insurance and unemployment insurance for the performers. For the performers retiring, it not only gives money from the fund for retirement, but also helps them to hunt jobs.
There are 32 social workers in CDPPAT, with average age of 28. They are in charge of dance, music, light, sound, publicity, marketing and logistics.
Team of leaders
The young, artistic aspiring team of leaders is led by Ms. Tai Lihua. She is also the Art Supervisor, assisted by a Chief Executive Officer, an Operating Supervisor, a Performing Supervisor, a Stage Art Supervisor, and a Media Service Supervisor.
They are filled with the spirit of hard-working, virtue and probity. The relations between them are harmonious and the working style of the Troupe is creative.
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