Brief Introduction of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe


     Honorary President               Honorary Principal                      President 

          Deng Pufang                        Zhang Haidi                           Tai Lihua


Course of Development

In 1987, about 30 disabled persons who loved arts were approved to participate in the 1st China Art Festival and founded the China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe (CDPPAT).

In the first 13 years, CDPPAT was an amateur organization with low arts level and the performers aimed to pass the idea of “Equality and Participation”.

In 2000, CDPPAT created the large-scale Music & Dance MY Dream by the unique performing way and improved to professional level.

In 2002, CDPPAT entered the cultural market and made their commercial shows successful and got recognition by audience.

In 2004, CDPPAT turned into a professional arts group from an amateur one. With the aspiration of being “Truth, Honesty and Virtue” and human spirit of “Harmony and love”, CDPPAT has became uplifting.

Now, CDPPAT has become the international top performing art troupe, My Dream and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva have also become the world famous cultural brand; CDPPAT is not only self-support but also set up a charity fund to help non-profit career with the income from commercial shows. They achieved its dream and value.

Construction of Troupe

There are 110 disabled performers and 30 staff members in CDPPAT. The average age of disabled performers is 20 and that of the staff members, 29. The President, Art Director, Dance Arranger and Music Arranger are all disabled people. With a philosophy based on self-respect, self-confidence, self-improvement and self-reliance, as well as mutual respect, mutual care, mutual aid and mutual complementarities. They design and create program, train performers, produce promotional and audiovisual products, and also publicity and marketing. The troupe has got two teams of performers to be able to perform in two different countries and regions at the same time. They have also set up a trainee team aimed at training young talents.


CDPPAT created human classic of special art by unique art attraction and profound spiritual connotation. It flies its own unique banner combined with arts and spirits in the world.

CDPPAT presented MY Dream series works. The show is variety and splendid: Vocal and instrument playing cover numerous categories of nations and west; dances cover nations, ballet, Latin dance, modern dance; as well as condensed Peking opera, dance drama and musical drama; also some new art forms such as sigh language poem, dance by the visually impaired persons and dance with the sign language were created. They also shot a documentary art film MY DREAM and published books & brochures, which reappearances SPECIAL ART and beautiful lives of disabled performers.

CDPPAT present beauty to the world. They performs more than 150 shows over 10 countries each year and have visited 100 countries in Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania. They bring audiences the joy of art, enlightenment of heart and interaction of emotion beyond any barriers of language, culture or nationality.

CDPPAT pass their loves to human beings. They held many charity activities and non-profit shows; They set up the MY DREAM Fund for Harmony by the performing income and donated 10.94 million Yuan and 830,000 US dollars for financially supporting charity projects both at home and abroad within two years to bring people harmony and happiness.


CDPPAT was referred to as a “Messenger of Beauty and Humanity” by the international community and as “Image Ambassador for 600 million People with Disabilities in the world” “Torch Bearer for SPECIAL ART” by the Disabled People’s World Assembly and was designated as “UNESCO Artist for Peace”.

“Outstanding Art Award” was bestowed upon CDPPAT by Lions Clubs International. My Dream and Sharing My Dream produced by CDPPAT won “Best TV Arts Award” and “Best Award for TV on Special Subject” separately on Hollywood International Film Festival. CDPPAT was granted the Special Prize in the Achievement Exhibition of People with Disabilities in Paris. US Washington State government decided that the 18th of May, 2006 is “China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe Day” as admiration. The film My Dream was granted the Originality and Innovative Award from Greece International Film Festival. Italy honored the International Award “THIRD MILLENNIUM” to Tai Lihua. Tai Lihua has been selected among all the Chinese people as “the Most Moving Public Figure in China” since the founding of the PRC."


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